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Maintaining Ghost CMS on a Digital Ocean Ubuntu Server

Maintaining your Ghost CMS setup involves a series of steps to ensure that both the server and the CMS are up to date. Follow this guide for a routine maintenance schedule.

1. Connect to Your Server

Start by establishing a secure connection to your server:

ssh username@your_server_ip

Replace username with your actual username and your_server_ip with the IP address of your server.

2. Update Package Lists

Refresh your local package index before upgrading:

sudo apt update

3. Upgrade Installed Packages

Upgrade the installed packages to their latest available versions:

sudo apt upgrade

If there are packages that can be updated with a full upgrade (which may include kernel updates), use:

sudo apt full-upgrade

4. Clean Up Unnecessary Packages

Remove any unnecessary packages and dependencies:

sudo apt autoremove

5. Check for Ghost Updates

Switch to the user that manages the Ghost instance (often ghost-mgr) and navigate to the Ghost installation directory (often /var/www/ghost), then check for Ghost updates:

sudo -i -u ghost-mgr
cd /var/www/ghost
ghost update

6. Reboot if Necessary

If the kernel or other critical system components were updated, reboot the server to apply these changes:

sudo reboot

7. Verify the Kernel Version

Once your system comes back up, you can verify that the new kernel is running:

uname -r

8. Maintenance Frequency

Remember, regular maintenance ensures the security and efficiency of your server and Ghost CMS.