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my why.

money, power, fame? what's the real reason i'm creating and sharing content.

everything you need to know can be summed up in the what & the why.

what my big thing is:

"i help people sell online, so that they can design lives they love to live"

― Matt Lok, the thing i do and share every day

why i do that big thing:

happy people = happy people

― Matt Lok, the why i do and share every day

if you’d like to know more about me as a person you can check my about page or find me around the socials with @themattlok.

if all i do when i wake up every day is creatively design & build cool online business while designing the life i love - meanwhile sharing this journey

i couldn't imagine a better way to spend my day

i love my life & i'm currently working on, how to love what i do everyday with the same amount of love and passion

(dream 'work' day. building online business ideas, helping business w/ metalabs, helping people interested in lifestyle design w/ SDL, creating content, recording videos, doing podcasts etc)

let me explain a little a a bit about the what & why.

and my honest intentions about everything i do online.

The What

"i help people sell online, so that they can design lives they love to live"

― Matt Lok, the thing i do and share every day

i’ve only recently figured out what value I think I can genuinely help and bring to the table for other people.

That is:

  1. how to sell online
  2. how to start designing life

i never thought I had a thing worth sharing but it has just come to me over the past few days (18th Dec 2023)

after trying things out and also living this life for the past 7+ years

i realised that the thing I do every day

is the thing that I can help other people with

i’m not a guru, not a best-selling offer, i’m not a doctor. i’m not a multi-millionaire business owner.

i’m just Matt lok

but somehow over the years I’ve sold over 100,000 online and built a life that I genuinely love living.

so that's what i'm going to talk about online and build my day around

if you’d like anything outside my knowledge or experience I will always happily recommend you look elsewhere

but if it’s anything in the above that I have experience with.

i am more than happy to share everything that I know.

The Why

happy people = happy people

― Matt Lok, the why i do and share every day

i have a belief that happy people create happy people.

i believe that everyone can sell something online. if they sell things online they can gain money, time or freedom.

with that extra money, time or freedom they can use to spend time designing a life they love living

this would create a happy person but let's think about the opposite first

which will explain why happy people matter

unhappy people = unhappy people

if someone isn’t happy with their life, they are genuinely struggling with their day-to-day.

that is a really tough place to be and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

but what can happen is that unhappiness creates more unhappiness in themselves & others.

we all probably know people in our lives who are just unhappy or they are difficult people to be around

(again this isn't a judgment on people who are unhappy and struggling - i would genuinely wish for them to find happiness, joy and fulfilment in their life)

it doesn’t matter.

how much money you have, how much success there is, it doesn’t matter where you are from.

unhappiness holds no judgment.

this all sounds like a bummer right?

the but

if that is true about unhappiness

then I believe the same can be said about happiness

happy people = happy people

if someone genuinely loves their life

they are more likely to

if unhappiness is a game that wants everyone to lose

happiness is a game that wants everyone to win

and so that’s my belief that i choose to believe and live by

my selfish reason

they love their lives, they have free time, energy, money, passion and enthusiasm for life.

for me that would make my interactions with the world even better

it just so happens to be that lifestyle design is my thing.

it could have been pottery - and every day I would just talk about how amazing pottery is and how you can start your own pottery journey.

it just so happens that it is lifestyle design & selling online - that's my thing

what is my secret motive?

i am secretly working my way up to being the next 1st minister of N.Ireland

👆 this is a joke - (and a very niche one at that)

but it's a great question - how can you trust anyone?

can you trust anyone online?

i don't know tbh

who really knows anyone?

but here are the 3 areas where I think most secret motives usually involve.

  1. money
  2. power
  3. fame

these are what people are cautious trusting people about and rightfully so

but here’s my attempt at open transparency - you can choose to believe or reject them

i hope that my actions will speak for me but let's get it all out in the open

1. money - the 99% FREE idea

i currently make all my money through my online businesses most of which has nothing to do with what i talk about online.

there will probably be some cross-promotion for metalabs as people just naturally are curious about what i do and i have links to it

i'll probably share more about things i work on and build in it as well

yes probably and hopefully, but only if

I can help people 99% for free

why? if I can’t help anyone for free why would I ever charge?

i've been running Start Designing Life for around 3 years now it costs me money & time to run

but i just like to do it - i feel like it is helpful and that's enough for now

will i ever add paid things in there?

only if i can think of things which can give people even more value

this will only ever for the 1% of people willing to pay - they have to think

"omg i need this. this would be so helpful. i've already got so much help from SDL but i genuinely feel this thing would be helpful for me in my life"

i don’t believe that anything is 100% altruistic

and I’m not going to kid you and pretend that i'm either

but the 99% free idea is if I help 10,000 people maybe 100 people might buy a thing I have to offer

but like I said 99% will always be free.

the 1% will just be deeper or more in-depth tools or products.

courses, digital downloads, high-level small groups, lifestyle retreats in Bali (how dope would that not be?)

all of these things will probably take me time, energy and cost to create and build.

charging for them keeps the 99% free and this idea and community alive.

it's what i can use to reinvest into it, grow, improve or just get myself a new computer game for all my efforts

everything right now is self-funded at this stage and I will continue to put my own time, energy and resources into this.

(estimating it costs around £500-£1000 per month just to create content)

until the time that I can’t anymore - i will keep this going

i run out of money, run out of passion, it doesn’t actually help anyone, i can't physically do it anymore - fingers crossed this won't happen

but this doesn't just apply to lifestyle design things i share

but also selling things online too (i just haven't got around to it yet)

i hope i can help & teach 99% of the things for people for FREE

then have buyable things for the 1%

for example

i will teach you how to build your own website for your personal brand or business

i will do it all for free and you can watch it on youtube and do it for yourself

but if you just cba doing it all yourself you can

you're really lazy, money > time, or have a business that needs extra tlc

2. power - plans for world domination

oh hell no.

that last thing I ever want is to tell someone how they should live their life.

i don't like when people try to tell me how i live my life so i wouldn't do it to others

(i do love people who share ideas, i also like to share if asked - just not 'you should do this with you life')

you do you. forever and always.

i share my ideas, give tools and create a platform for others to connect & grow.

you decide if it they feel right for you or not

what you do with you life is your thing

i have 0% interest in telling people how they should live their lives

  1. i just don’t have the energy
  2. i don’t want that responsibility
  3. i’m busy enough just doing my own thing

3. fame

i am naturally introverted - even though i travel an around the globe i still get most of my energy when i'm just in my own space or when i hang out with people I'm close with.

for the past 7 years I’ve been happy doing my own thing and not really sharing anything online

socialising and going to events are great but it does take my energy.

i can happily spend time with myself, my girlfriend, my mates, gaming, dinners, cinema etc

i like my privacy, i like my little bubble, i don't want to be known on the street - i.e. viral

i do want to known well - the people who value you my stuff - feel like they know, like & trust me.

creating and sharing content online has been a big step in overcoming fears and anxiety about putting myself out there

i’m just here to share what I can with the people that need to hear it.

i'm sharing my thoughts, feelings & ideas out there in public

this is me sharing the best of what i can offer out there and doing it as authentically and genuinely as i can

if i connect to some people who it might help along the way - that's all the fame i need.

the big “I want to change 1 billion lives” etc

that’s not my thing.

other people have these goals and that is amazing

that world needs those people

i'm just here to change my life

i want to design, create, build online business and design a life that i love living

if i can grow more by sharing that journey online that is wonderful

if I help 1 person design a life that they love to live isn't that amazing too

because maybe that 1 person can also help 1 person

and isn't that a wonderful thing too?

i can't even imagine 1 billion people

but i can imagine helping just 1 person

Happy people = happy people

that's me & my why

these might evolve and change over time - i'm human as well right?

but as of 00:18am Tuesday 19th December, Bali

this is what i believe

i hope this helps you know a little bit about me & my why a bit more

but as always

stay awesome,

lots of love

Matt 🫶