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Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within 2024 Review

If you're interested in going to Unleash The Power Within with Tony Robbins or would love to hear a real hands-on experience. Here's my honest thoughts just hours after the online event ended

I just finished Tony Robbins UPW Online event literally an hour ago. I thought what better time to write about my experience than straight after while it is all fresh.

Note before I get into things I am super sleep deprived. This event was 4 days long with 12-15hr long days. On top of this I was doing this in Bali while the event was hosted in US.

This meant that I had an exact 12 hour time zone difference so the events started at 9am it would be my 9pm. Whenever they finished at like 11:30pm US time it was my 11:30am.

At this point I would sleep like 6-7 hours during the day, wake up at like 7pm. Grab a coffee and get ready to start again. I basically didn’t see the sun for 4 days.

Anyway, my point is that I’ll do my best to write as openly, honestly and truthfully as I can about the experience. But if my writing starts to go a bit bakdhndkr then you’ll know why.

Just before we get into it all I do want to mention that I’ll be doing my best to give a real honest non-biased opinion here. It is easy to come out of something like this and become a preacher. But I’m here to just give my experience and try to give all sides so that you will get the whole picture (at least from my point of view)

Alright, so what will we talk about?

P.S. I go pretty personal and "deep" here at least by my own standards. I've done this to be able to give you an insight of what kind of things can come up but as well sharing this was my way of being able to demonstrate courage, confidence & put into action the biggest lesson I learned from the whole experience.

Who is Tony Robbins

A quick Google/wiki search will give you all the details. But to me, I came into this knowing he was the no.1 life and business strategist. The list of presidents, sportspeople, business people, actors and actresses speak for themselves.

On my side, I had read the book Money Master the Game by Tony Robbins around 5 years ago which had great ideas about index funds. Apart from that I hadn’t gone too deep into Tony’s world.

What is Unleash The Power Within - or UPW

It’s basically the entree event into Tony’s methods and world. There was a free event prior to this - which I did twice. It was around 3 days and basically just a taster of what this would be.

But essentially, you do the free event, if you enjoyed the experience and felt like it was helpful then it makes deciding to go for UPW easier.

It’s around $500 so it’s a decision that most people would have to think about is it really worth the investment. So I’d say do the free event to get an idea if this would be a thing for you or not.

As a side note I did the 1st one because of a social media ad I got. I had just gotten covid so had to quarantine for 10 days. At that stage, I thought, why not? I did it but I didn’t go ahead and sign up to the UPW. (Even though they will get you pumped up to do it - we'll get to this later)

I did the free event again in Jan 2024. I hadn’t thought much about Tony Robbins but again with some great marketing. I saw Tony on a podcast/Youtube, and enjoyed the ideas he was sharing. Then, I signed up for the free event to get a little soul food (which is what it felt like for me).

Why I wanted to do it

Alright, so what made me drop $500 this time to do the UPW. I think this is important to go over as everyone who goes to the event will have their own intentions of what they’d love to get out of it.

Let’s be honest no one would drop $500 just for shits and giggles. They want something to happen, they want a change/transformation/unblock/take it to the next level. Whatever word is chosen it’s all the same thing — they wanted to change something. Can be related to money, work, relationships, emotions whatever.

I was no different. I wanted to see if I could use this to help with work and entrepreneurship. Specifically the feelings of anxiety, stress, fears and insecurities I was having. These feelings were directly affecting my ability to do the work.

Now I think it would be useful to know (not just for me to write it but hopefully to give you more context of where I was at). But I am no stranger to emotions, self-development, wellness etc. This is not to gloat but to give you an idea of where I am in life so that you get an idea of where you are at on your own personal journey.

I’ve meditated for 10+ years now. I exercise daily, eat clean, journal, gratitude daily, ice baths, affirmation - the whole lot. This is not to brag but to illustrate I was doing all these things and I was still struggling with so much anxiety it would keep me up at night, causing me to freeze behind the laptop and get so overwhelmed I just couldn’t turn up. (so for anyone out there who feels like they do so much to help themselves but still get stuck I'm right there with you)

But it got to the point where I couldn’t write, record videos or just even do any general task. I’m not saying this was every day. But it was frequent enough that I knew it wasn’t cool. Given that I work for myself on my own online businesses, whenever I don’t turn up to work I know that business drops, opportunities go and money runs out.

Okay so now you have an idea of where I was at pre-purchase. To give you a bit more context about me I’m pretty open-minded but I am a rational buyer.

So I’m well up for trying anything at least once to see if it could be helpful. This can be a church, breathwork, yoga, hypnosis whatever. I’m not a woo-woo person I would say. But I do have a belief that. “Well, whatever if it helps and you’re not hurting anyone. Who am I to judge with what someone finds helpful”. At the same time I am usually the person who thinks, analyses, and reads reviews to make sure that I’m 100% certain that I’m making the right decision.

So now you know all the background details about me. You’ll have a better context of how I saw and approached everything that followed.

Let’s jump to the event, shall we?

What happened at the event?

This is where I’m probably going to disappoint you, but I promise it is not because I’m trying to hide some weird secrets from you.

I don’t want to talk about every single little thing that happens at the event. The reason is that it would ruin the experience if you ever decided to go, or if you don’t then it would ruin it for another reader.

It would be like telling you the ending of the Harry Potter book/film. Sure, it would be interesting to read now but it would totally kill the experience for you if you ever decided to watch it.

But I will do my best to give details of the event but not give away any spoilers. Think of it if giving you the trailer of it so you get the idea. No this doesn’t mean that I’m now trying to sell you this event either. I have no ties, no affiliates and no incentives. I’ll give you the good, the bad and my honest opinion at the end.

Okay so let me try and paint you a picture of the experience as it’s like nothing I’ve ever done before or I don’t think you will have either.

This is so weird because essentially it’s just a Zoom call online. But this isn’t just a boring work call, seminar or workshop. This is something completely unique.

Here’s how I’d like to describe it.

Think of a crazy concert like going to see Queen, combining that with TED talks, putting in Peleton workouts, experiential therapy techniques, group discussions + more that I’m missing.

Sounds mental right? Well, there are 30,000 other Zoom accounts logged in with around 60,000 people. All there with you and you can see people, they can see you all on these screens.

Okay, that’s my best attempt to describe the setup. But at the same time, it doesn’t do it justice. It would be like going to see Queen Live then coming back and trying to describe the experience to someone who wasn’t there.

Sure you can describe Brian Mays's solo, when there was a fire going on the stage and the crowd was going wild jumping and the music was ringing in your ears. You can give as much detail as you can, even show a video clip on your phone. But it will never do justice to what your actual experience was like.

But I will say that no matter if you would enjoy the event or not. I don’t think anyone would not be impress with the production quality and effort put in it all.

Okay but what happened during this so called rock concert I hear you say

Again it was like 60 hours over 4 days so there’s just no way I could explain it to you. But basically, there were talks, there was jumping/dancing (and I mean a lotttt) it’s like a full body workout every day, then there were exercises, breakout rooms etc

Do you want the specifics of what I learned? I wouldn’t be able to give you them all. First like I said I wouldn’t want to ruin the experience for someone (part of the experience is being there) secondly there is just too much to cover.

But I will say you can just watch a few YouTube videos of Tony Robbins to get an idea of the ideas and vibe he has. If that piques your interest then I’d just recommend watching “I’m Not Your Guru” documentary on Netflix. That will give you a far better idea of what happens than I could in a short piece of writing.

Alright, so you have an idea of the setup. This mad 4 day Zoom call that you join for 12-15hrs each day. You’re on camera, jumping around dancing, singing (all to popular chart songs btw). And throughout that, you’re either learning, talking or doing an exercise. That’s the best I can give you.

What was good about it?

Overall the experience was good. It had everything you would want in a great movie. I laughed, had fun, and smiled, but there were also times when I was sad, angry and cried even. I got the full range of emotions and I’d say most of the other 60,000 people did the same.

Just like a great film every part of the experience was carefully thought through and designed to make you feel something. But the main takeaway for me was it felt like ‘it was working’. Whatever it was there was just a feeling that there was a method behind the madness.

I’m going to run this movie metaphor to the ground. But like any great movie or one that someone recommended ‘you just have to watch this movie/series’. You start out sceptical or at least a ‘yeaa well I’ll go see it but we’ll see’. Then during the film, there might be parts where you are just like wtf - but you trust in the recommendation of the friend so you stick to the end.

I found the perfect movie reference. If you have seen Everything Everywhere All At Once. How the hell could you describe how mad that film is? Yet it all works so perfectly and at the end of it, you just come away thinking that was an incredibly mental film that just worked.

What wasn’t good about it - I had 1 big issue with UPW

One that was annoying and actually took away from the overall experience for me. They promoted the other events wayyyy too much. Now I’m no stranger to marketing and sales techniques. I sell stuff online!

I’m not even against promoting and the upselling they did, in fact, I believe you have to promote your products and if you believe in them then it would be a disservice not to do your best to get people to sign up to programs that you believe would be genuinely helpful for them.

But, and this is a big but.

It was way too much. Even for me and I’m not even against it. What is too much? Like, I’m talking 20-30% of the total time was dedicated to promoting the other events. I’m talking like like 10-15 hours of ads essentially. It was way too much and just killed the momentum and flow that was being built up.

It’s like you’re watching Everything Everywhere All At Once and after 30min into the film, there is a 10-minute trailer for another A24 film (the production company).

You might be like ‘Okay yea, I definitely want to watch that because I’m enjoying that. Or you might be like ‘No way that film costs $10,000 to see there’s no chance I can see it’. Regardless of your opinion of the trailer one thing it did do. It took you out of the zone of the film you came to see.

Worse still is that there are multiple trailers throughout the film (20-30% of the total time). You came and paid to watch this one film. But this opinion wasn’t just from me though.

In my ‘team’ of like 300 other people. In our Zoom group chat, there were constant streams of people complaining about the same. I was mildly annoyed, these people were vocal and even started to complain to the volunteer staff on video calls it was that much.

I get both sides. For me, an easy fix would be to put the ads at the end or just before the break. Would be an easy fix for everyone.

  1. The people who are genuinely interested could stick around and learn more,
  2. The people slightly curious would probably watch to find out more
  3. The people who are for sure not interested could just have a longer break.

This leads me on to the only other negative

Which wasn’t a negative to me if I’m honest but I think it’s worth noting as it was the only other complaint I saw. It was the lack of breaks & having no clear schedules and timings.

On the 1st day there was only 1 break for like 40min but that came like after 9 hours. Think how mental that is. Like it was non-stop for 9 hours. People were complaining about needing to eat.

Sure you could just nip out to the toilet and back, get some water etc. But the actual event just kept on going and going with no breaks. It’s not as if you could just nip away and catch up later. This is a live event, no replays that you paid $500 for.

Wasn’t a deal breaker for me & the other days got better but it’s worth pointing out as this seemed to peeve some people off.

I guess that leaves me with a final point which is a negative but also a massive positive. Since there are 60,000 people or 30,000 logged-in accounts. You’re in a team of around 300 other people with live chats, videos and breakout rooms etc.

What happens with that many people is pros and cons.

The con is that there are some party poopers - nothing against these people. But there were people who just complained constantly. About being hungry, about needing breaks, about the talks, and topics & made the volunteer staff lives a bit difficult (it was like having a couple of internet trolls in there trying to get reactions from everyone).

Everyone is entitled to have their own opinions and experience of what was going on. But for the rest of us who were trying to have fun and get into it - it did distract and pull the mood down a bit at times. (imagine you’re at a house party with everyone having a good time and dancing then there is one person who keeps complaining that there are too many people, the music is too loud and keeps asking the DJ to play a different song — okay sure you might not be having the best of times but the rest of us are just trying to have a good time)

But on the flip side of having this many people is that it created the feeling of a massive party with people from all over the world.

That’s what made it feel so cool. Even though there were a couple of party poopers around the rest of the people there were really awesome. It was so cool to see people from countries all around the world and in all shapes and forms.

What’s better than that was when you met a couple of people in little break-out rooms every now and then. You’d meet like 2-5 other people and do an exercise or chat for a bit.

It was beautiful to hear the wisdom of a 80-year-old man from the US in my group to a young woman from the Netherlands. The best part of all this was everyone was super friendly, open, honest and vulnerable with each other. Not something you’d expect with a bunch of strangers from all walks of life meeting for the 1st time for like 10 minutes at a time.

What did I get from the experience

Alright so this is the biggie isn’t it? It’s the reason I paid $500 and took 4-5 days off to commit to something like this — did it ‘work’ and am I magically transformed?

If you remember when I mentioned my reasons for doing this were around wanting to help with anxiety, fears and insecurities specifically related to work and entrepreneurship.

Well, the funny thing about the experience is that you go in looking to solve one thing and then it ends up taking you to places where you would have never imagined.

I’m not going to give you my whole experience (not that I don’t want to - it’s more that this writing would be far too long and you might just want to know about UPW,, not about my personal breakthroughs).

But at the same time, I do believe it is worthwhile giving you the general overview as I think it’s helpful to get an idea of what it is like. Everyone's experience is unique and I’m not the one to be saying these things 100% would work or not for you.

But I can only give you an idea of what happened to me and through that, you might be able to piece together an idea of how these things go down. I guess the biggest thing I’d love to get across is that these things aren’t woo-woo at least not for me anyway - but let me stop beating around the bush and get into the uncomfortable bit (for me) to write.

Matt’s Breakthrough Summary

Like I said before I had anxiety, fears and insecurities that I just couldn’t shift - no matter how much I peacefully meditated or journaled etc.

What I imagined or hoped. Would be that there would be some motivating talks, some funky exercises and poof I wouldn’t have these feelings anymore. I’ll be able to do all the work I need to do, grow my businesses and make millions. (maybe these things will still happen only time will tell).

But anyway, this isn’t what went down and I think it was like that for most people there. You see these things are normally just the surface level of something deeper and during the days you at the event you uncover it and then get rid of it.

So without taking too much time to go into all the details what came up for me was feelings or beliefs around.

  1. I don’t want to be seen (like not wanting to ‘show my full colours)
  2. I don’t want to be too much (like not wanting to talk, share, impose - in general just happy to allow other people to take the spotlight)
  3. What do I know (the feeling like I don’t have much authority to talk about anything)

Here’s where the silliness and the magic starts to happen. If these are my deep feelings then it starts to make total sense why I would get anxiety and fear when it comes to getting behind a camera to create content online. Why the hell would I do that if I don’t want to be seen, would rather someone else take the spotlight and what do I even know to share?

Anyway, after this, it was about putting in new beliefs in there and releasing some of the root feelings of where these things came from. Long story short these feelings came from the shame of my upbringing.

This feeling wasn’t even conscious but now that it was brought to the surface it was time to get rid and put in new feelings. So in summary mine looked like this (I choose to remember with 3 words - Proud, Inspire, Share).

  1. I’m proud of my upbringing, the journey I went on
  2. I’m not too much and by bringing my story to the table I can actually inspire others and connect with them on a human level
  3. I actually know a lot! I’ve spent so many years traveling the world, building online businesses, reading tonnes of books and working on myself. I would love to share these ideas.

Alright here’s where I do the scary thing that I’ve been hiding from my whole life.

Here’s the snippet of my upbringing that was the cause of my shame and the root of my fears, anxiety and insecurities.

I grew up in a home with my mum having schizophrenia and my dad leaving when I was around 3. Growing up my mum was in and out of hospital, whenever she had bad mental health episodes.

From early childhood, until I left to go to uni I would be bouncing around houses. Living with my granny if my mum's mental health got so bad that she had to be taken to hospital, or I’d live with my sister and brother-in-law, I'd also spend summers living with my uncle. My dad also has some issues with gambling and I'd say drinking at a stage.

But anyway, he sold our family home when I was 10 and our family had to move to a council house in a 'rough' estate - we didn’t have much money at this time and Mum didn’t work and was on government benefits (basically gets money to live on because of the severity of her mental health condition and not being able to work)

Now I love my family so much. I love my mum and I love my dad too. It’s taken years and I’ve worked on these things a lot. But I’ve come to terms with my unique upbringing. I thought I was all sorted with processing my childhood - but the thing is that I just never did the other part.

I’ve hidden this part of me my entire life. I hid it from friends, schoolmates, and girlfriends. I have barely talked about my upbringing to anyone outside my family circle (and even still we don't talk about it much we just live it). There was me in the outside world (at school, uni, work) and then there was me in my home world. These spaces never mixed - this was the root of my shame.

But this was when the breakthrough happened. When I realised that I’m not actually ashamed instead I came up with 3 words I believe instead.

  1. Proud: I am proud of the person I have become despite of the circumstances. I’m not ashamed of my mum = I’m proud to have her as a mother. I think she is one of the most beautiful pure souls in the world.
  2. Inspire: I can tell my story and shine bright without the fear that it is too much for people. I believe in having the courage to tell my story, talking about mental health issues, and growing up as a child being in a carer role. I would hope it creates space for other people to speak up about similar situations or at least feel less scared to talk about their own difficult things if I’ve made the 1st step to be vulnerable and share my story.
  3. Share: I have a story to tell from a journey of my life. I’ve gone from an unconventional upbringing to living a life that many would say ‘living the dream’. It always made me uncomfortable sharing a ‘picture perfect’ life as I knew there was my back story behind this all. But by sharing my story I hope to connect to people on a human level. This isn’t about me trying to show off, gloat or impress for clout. I share because I want to show that there is a way out. I came from a literally ‘mental’ upbringing - yet there was a way out. One that wasn’t me being another tragic story. It would have been easy for me to have another lifestyle "he had a rough childhood that’s why he drinks", "he is on drugs because of X story" etc. But the truth is "I run an online business that I built from 0 with no financial backing" or "I've designed a life I love living that feels unique to me". I share not because I want to show off - I want to share so that people can believe that if I can do it then other people can do the same. I never want to undermine other people's life experiences, troubles, traumas and issues. We've all got our own baggage. But I want to offer a alternative path in life for anyone who connects with my story.

So that’s my story and the 1st time I’ve ever shared it publically - hell I’ve not even talked about these things with my best friends. But this is my thing, my breakthrough and I would hope my way out of the fear, anxieties and insecurities I’ve been stuck with all my life.

But let’s get back to the event as a whole, shall we? (I’m sure I’ll be talking and expanding on my story over time in writing, videos and ramblings over time)

Who this experience would be good for?

I’d say there’s 2 types of people who would want to do this.

  1. Anyone who is stuck, struggling and is in a pretty significant moment or transition.
  2. Then the people who want to level up in life.

Examples off the top of my head are: If you’re retiring, after divorces, relationship issues but then also people who level up their business, finances, or want to take their life to the next level.

I would say is that you would know if this is right for you or not. If you don’t feel drawn to this - then don’t do it as it would be a waste of time. But if you’re really looking for a way to help or at least think it might be worth a try.

Here’s my mindset which I’d like to share (because I’m confident enough to share an actual opinion you see lol). I believe there are so many ways you can get a ‘breakthrough’, ‘realisation’, ‘epiphany’, ’divine inspiration’ whatever you want to call it - I believe it’s the same thing.

Some might get there through prayer, pilgrimages, therapy, silent meditation retreats, CBT, EDMR I could go on and on. My point is there is so many tools out there. I just see them as that. It’s a tool and whatever works for you then that is the best tool because it works. As long as it helps and it doesn’t hurt anyone in the process - who the hell cares?

I tell a joke to my girlfriend Vaidile on this topic (just fyi I’m playing here and have Christian family members so no offence is intended). But I say to my girlfriend.

I don’t care if someone sees Jesus or Mary on their piece of toast and starts worshipping it. Like imagine if someone pops up their toast, they see an image of Jesus there and in that moment they receive a divine inspiration that tells them ‘you need to stop talking drugs’. My question to you is. Does it really matter if this is ‘true’, ‘real’ or ‘fake’? If the person believes it. If they believe it right to their soul and it transforms their life in a positive way then I’m all for it. Go you and your toast Jesus. 🍞

So it’s good for anyone who feels like they might need it and have an open enough mind to give it a go. I know there can be a weird culty vibe to seeing Tony Robbins and the events.

That’s probably a whole topic in itself that I could write about. But in short, I’d say anything can be labelled as a cult given the right framing. Have you ever seen the cult of Harry Styles - my girlfriend is totally brainwashed.

Jokes aside people get carried away especially (cough Americans cough) in my opinion it’s not a cult there’s no utopian city in the middle of nowhere. It’s just these live events, courses etc. Sure they want to hook you into their product ecosystem but so does Apple. Is there the cult of Apple? I’m sure you could look at it like that if you wanted to. I’d say no but I am an Apple fanboy.

Do I think it was worth it?

Another big question. I’ll be honest a part of me was peeved off by the promotion of other products. But who can blame me, when you’ve stayed up all through the night and it’s 7 am I really didn’t want to stay up extra just to listen to things that weren’t relevant.

Aside from that is it worth $500? The logical part of my brain tries to kick in. If I quantify the time spent there it would be like $10 an hour but then there were breaks etc.

But even with my logical brain, I’d say it was worth it. If this experience helps reduce or completely remove limiting belief. fears, anxieties and insecurities. It will save me time, energy and I’ll get more done on paper.

Instead of freezing up behind the laptop, laying in bed with fears and just being stuck with uncertainty. If this saves me 50 hours or I get better sleep or I just record videos is easier then it is worth it.

The emotional side of me would put up another side to this story as well. I’ve been doing this ‘inner work’ or ‘shadow work’ or whatever term you’re into. Basically, I’ve been digging shit up for 7+ years now. It was the driver for me to become a digital nomad, start my own business and get to the place where I am today.

My point is that I’ve felt these blocks before and I’ve gone through them or found a way to process them out. I’ve done it enough times to know that it’s just a part of life. There are things inside all of us. They come from childhood and even just throughout life. Do you think a divorce in your 60s wouldn’t leave you with something that you would have to emotionally deal with?

Anyway, my point is this. It’s hard to put a price on these things. For some people it could be the breakthrough that leads them to build a multi-million business, someone else the breakthrough could save their relationship which was about the end and for someone else the breakthrough could even be the moment that stops them from ending their life (these things do happen).

These are obviously the ones that will catch all the headlines and will be on the highlight reels for Tony Robbins events but other ones could be a breakthrough that leads to someone being able to talk to their dad again - deciding if that $500 is worth it is subjective would be my point.

For me I’m happy with the $500 I spent - if my online businesses explode and I’m suddenly on Oprah, I’m not too sure (keep an eye out for me). But I got enough value that I don’t have any buyer's remorse.

If everything does blast off in the business you best believe I will be paying that $10,000 and doing the fire walk at the next level of Tony Robbins event!

Would I recommend it?

This is a tough one. I think it’s so easy to do these types of things and think. OMG this was awesome and I got this breakthrough and you have to do it! Or you might know someone who’s having a tough time and it would be easy to get all preachy and push to get them to do this.

I can see the appeal don’t get me wrong and I know that the Tony Robbins team would love nothing more for all the attendees to tell all their family and friends. It makes sense, doesn’t it? This stuff worked for you so why wouldn’t you want the same for someone love or care about?

My angle would be this and it is something that I’ve actually practiced. I would love my girlfriend to try it out. But she’s not that interested and that is totally okay and good. I actually think it’s the worst idea to try and get someone to go to something they aren’t interested in - especially if it has to do with emotional states, transformations and self-development etc.

I know it’s easy to get swept away with the good intention behind it. But everyone has to ultimately come to these decisions themselves. If you force someone, even pay for their ticket, sit them in front of the laptop and go ‘here, do this and fix yourself’ - would anyone actually like that or benefit from it? Would you like it if someone was trying to "fix" you?

I’d say the alternative is what I’m doing now. This has been my honest thoughts and opinions. I got value from it that’s all I know - if anything I have said has been interesting I suggest you go on your own journey and see where it takes you.

If it is people around me if they see a difference in me then I think that says more than words any day. But at this stage I’m just a few hours after the event so I barely know the impacts of it apart from I enjoyed it. (maybe I’ll do a 6 or 12 months after recap)

Would I go again?

I’d like to experience the event in person. At the same time, I would say it would totally depend on where I’m at in future. I know people can get totally hooked on going to these events. Imagine, it’s like seeing Queen live and you have an awesome experience - people just want to keep that party feeling alive.

For me, I’d only do it again if I felt like I had another fear block that I just couldn’t get to grips with. It’s like going to the dentist. If there’s deep tooth pain I know this could be an option to get to the roots of it.

But at the same time, I’ve got a tonne of other tools I can call upon which might mean I just don’t have the tooth pain. Think brushing teeth, mouthwash, flossing, cutting out sugar etc.

Saying that if the new businesses take off and cashflow is whatever. Then I would totally try the next level up ‘Date with Destiny’ in-person event. It’s like $5000 so it’s another step up but it would be totally wild to walk across the hot coals (you can YouTube Oprah doing it,)

Ending thoughts - did I find what I was looking for?

I guess I did. It wasn’t what I was expecting - but that was probably to be expected.

At this stage, I know that I got to the issue I was looking to for. This isn’t my first rodeo so I know this isn’t my last (I'm not all magically fixed and cured of all issues from now onwards) - but it is what I wanted to focus on right now at least.

What happens from here on is still unknown at this stage. But I do get the feeling that it’s all in my hands from here on in.

But I hope this gives you a better picture of Tony Robbins UPW. If you’ve done it before I’d love to hear about your experience! Or if you’re thinking of going or even if you think it’s all B.S. Feel free to drop me a message and let me know your thoughts. It’s always great to hear what other people’s thoughts and ideas are.

But whatever you do

Stay awesome


P.s. I'd just like to add that it's been 1 week since I wrote this and I literally just told the 1st person my story and even did it in person. It was a bit scary but I did it and like all things, it wasn't as bad as we all imagine it to be. Just thought I'd give you a little update <3

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