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Who else feels like they’re stuck in a slump?

What to do when you're stuck in a slump? We've all been there so let's share some ideas

I got a message in the Start Designing Life community about feeling in a slump and being frustrated with not being able to make progress.

The following is my unedited response to their message and questions.

Sorry you're in that space of feeling in a slump i can totally relate to the feelings you've shared and have experienced times like this as well.

mostly when i was back in Ireland & working a 9-5 in a startup - time flew by but not in a good way I'd say.

is there any area that you'd specifically like to focus on right now?

life can feel overwhelming like we are trying to juggle everything at once. But sometimes it's easier and I would say better to just focus on 1 area at a time. that way it makes it easier to manage, focus, & have enough energy to commit to. sure other areas still might have things you want to do in them but they are not the focus right now.

also tracking progress can help with the time-blindness i get this too. One of the only ways i've found to really help myself is to track the progress of where I have been doing & what I have done.

why? it's easy to get stuck in the day-to-day feeling = 'I'm doing all this stuff but i'm going no where'.

but the truth is you are going somewhere and are taking steps you just might not realise it.

Personal experience

as some of you might have seen i've had the ⁠🏋 Quest for 85kg: A Warrior's as a long term goal. (this is a long term goal in the SDL community

  1. it was my single focus for a while - even though i had work, emotion etc to work on as well
  2. i put more of my time, energy & attention just on that area to figure it out. started daily walking, signed up to gym, intermitant fasting, creating a new eating pattern, reduced junk food etc etc
  3. i tracked the journey each week by taking a photo of the scales which helped not only with keeping accountable. it gave me motivation as i saw the progress i was making each week - that gave me hope, belief and encouragement.

My lesson

Easy takeaways

The coolest part for me

Closing thoughts