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004: Finding Home Again

This week I journey back to my roots in N.Ireland, where sights are so familiar. From old favourites to new discoveries, this visit is grounding me and sparking joy in unexpected ways.

Hey friends,

I've been spending some time in the place that always brings a smile to my face - home. Yep, I'm back in N.Ireland, surrounded by familiar faces, landscapes, and that lovely crisp Irish air. This year I wanted to be intentional in spending more time at home. I always find going back to my roots gives me a chance to reconnect and rekindle the relationships with the people I love.

As many of you know, I've spent years living the nomad lifestyle, but coming back home always gives me a bit of a boost in spirit. It's the mix of nostalgia, people, a new appreciation for the things I took for granted, and the subtle contrasts I notice with every return visit.

There's also the comfort in the familiar - the same streets, the same flavours, the same old jokes - it’s a comforting rhythm that never fails to soothe my soul. And then, there are the changes that makes me realise time is always moving forward - a new baby, new restaurant, new conversations and connections - that keep me on my toes and remind me that life, no matter where I am, is continuously evolving.

Walking through the familiar streets of Belfast, I always find myself reflecting on the journey I've had since I left this place. How much I've grown and changed over the years and yet how similar it all feels and how easy it is to slip back into.

N. Ireland and the UK as a whole is the place that first shaped me. No matter where I travel to this will always feel like home. Over the next few weeks my priority will be catching up with people, soaking up the Irish vibe, taking in the charm of this place I'm lucky to call home.


Here are a few things that's happened this week:

1.  Farset Labs

Whenever I'm back home, this FarsetLabs becomes my go-to for all things work. It's quiet, has solid internet, 24/7 access, plenty of parking, and it's got some fun toys like 3D, laser printers & game consoles. There's a definite nerdy vibe that I love. The people who go there are all super friendly and welcoming and what's super cool is that it's a charity and led by the community - which I haven't seen anything like it anywhere. Love this spot to get stuff done.

2. Thingyverse

I've been dipping my toes into the 3D printing world recently. I tried printing a stead deck holder but ran into some jams - it wasn't perfect, but it sure was fun! Thingiverse is where I found the model, and this site is packed full of free 3D designs. Right now, it feels more like a cool, new toy than a tool, but there's something kinda magic about being able to bring a 3D design to life.

And that's it for this week folks! Thanks for reading have a great week ahead and I'll catch you next week.




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