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The Future of Design & Tech

Explore the intersection of design, technology, and AI. Discover the latest trends & how these elements are shaping our world and what the future might hold.

Welcome to The Future of Design & Tech.

Hey there, future-thinkers. This is our shared space to explore the crossroads where creativity meets cutting-edge technology. Here, we'll dive deep into how AI is shaping design, how emerging tech trends are impacting our world, and what we can do to not just adapt, but also influence the trajectory.

It's a thrilling ride, and it's just the beginning. So strap in, let's power up our curiosity engines and blast off into the exciting new worlds of design and technology.

Here's to embracing the future. 🚀

A glimpse into what's to come

I've put together a list of some topics that I'd love to geek out over - like my own little curiosity projects. These ideas are either things I haven't documented yet online or in the process of researching and writing. If any of these catch your interest, you can subscribe to my newsletter, that way I can let you know once they're published. If there's a topic you're particularly interested in, feel free to tweet or DM me - I'd love to hear what you're excited about and potentially prioritise that topic—looking forward to sharing more with you.

Maintaining Ghost CMS on a Digital Ocean Ubuntu Server

1. The Intersection of Design and Artificial Intelligence: What's Next?

2. The Essential UI/UX Design Tools for 2023

3. The Role of Design in Building Successful AI Startups

4. The Future of Design in the Era of Machine Learning

5. The Power of Design Thinking in Tech Innovation

6. Redesigning Tech: How AI is Shaping UX/UI

7. Practical Tips for Integrating AI into Your Design Process

8. Exploring Virtual Reality: The New Frontier in Design and Tech

9. The Impact of Augmented Reality on Modern Design

10. Web3 and Design: What to Expect