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Monday Meta - a weekly digest where I share weekly snapshots of my journey, including lessons from entrepreneurship, design best practices, AI trends, and intriguing discoveries from the week. Sign up below to join our growing community of curious minds.

034: Money Motivation

033: 7-Step Online Business Plan & Blood Tests in Bangkok

032: Value-Based Decisions

031: Don’t Be Afraid To Be Scared

030: Having a Deam in a post-apocalyptic zombie world

029: What is your personal brand identity?

028: Feeling Tired? Be More Selfish to Get More Energy

027: A $499 Zoom Call: Why I Bought Tony Robbin's UPW

026: Forget Productivity: Focus on Getting Stuff Done

025: Beliefs, Mindset & The Can vs Can’t Do Attitude

024: It's My 32nd Bday Here Are 32 Lessons I've Learned About Life

023: would i recommend eCom to a friend?

022: The Best of 2023

021: The Thing: 1% Better Everyday

020: Quit or stick? Which one, when things get tough?

019: Why Self-Help, Doesn't Help

018: Brace Yourselves, 2024 is Coming

017: Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best

016: Baseline Average Progress

015: Permission to be a bit sh*t

014: Rekindling Connections: Valuing In-Person Interactions Over Digital Banter

013: James, Duolingo, and Me: The 900-Day Streak That Accountability Built

012: Staying Productive While Traveling

011: Figuring Out Freedom

010: Everything is downstream from lead gen

009: 900 Days of Duolingo

008: Navigating The Dip

007: Being Selfish

006: Making Any City Your Workspace

005: When Everyday is a Holiday

004: Finding Home Again

003: Changing Residency

002: What is enough?

001: The Big Leap